Loving the skin you are in?

http://marindia.wordpress.com/2008/09/09/fooled-by-fairness/It’s a funny old world we live in.

If you are a fashion conscious woman from Asia, chances are you regularly invest in a few of the many skin whitening products available which haven’t quite made it to high street chemist’s shelves here in Britain – yet.

A quick search on Google reveals some vile quotes from the organisers of the Beautyworld Middle East show:

“Skin lightening is one of the increasingly growing segments of the global beauty industry, with Asia holding the maximum market share and the most potential to expand,” said Ms. Elisabeth Brehl, Managing Director of Epoc Messe Frankfurt GmbH


The baldly commercial sentiment of this comment tightens the throat. I think: let women be who they are! Don’t coldly build your empire on developing a ‘problem’ where there isn’t one, and then selling us the solution!

As well as sustained growth in Asia-Pacific, the website says that the skin lightening market is experiencing growth in the West. WTF?

As well as the depressing fact that this suggests that there are increasing numbers of dark-skinned women in the West wanting to be whiter, we all know that over here in Europe and Ameriki, if you are white, you wanna be browner.

So, turns out we are all mad.

While you decide how you feel about the marketeering that goes into making you want what you don’t have, hear me when I say that if you want a really bloody good self tanner, that gives you an even, splodge-free coverage, with a faintly glittery glow straight away, and a subsequently maturing ‘realistic’ tan in the days that follow, look no further than Lancaster Tinted Self-Tanning shimmering bronze creamy gel. For legs.

In preparation for a wedding on Saturday I tanned last night, fully expecting to spend the next two days filing off the streakage that invariably occurs after a fake tan session with all other products I have tried.

I used the Lancaster product, and discovered that not only do you get results good enough to enable you to walk out of the bathroom and out of the door straight away, but you get the subsequent non-streak development of the ‘proper’ tan underneath.

I have no idea how much this cost; I bought it last year when I may or may not have had any money. I suspect it’s a lot, given the quality.

Picture of women: from the blog www.marindia.wordpress.com

One Response to “Loving the skin you are in?”
  1. Jo Kernon says:

    Lancaster Products are high quality and pretty expensive, they do one that helps prolong a natural tan and sell these in the duty free shops covenient for recently returned sun worshippers. Well worth the money. I just had my first St Tropez, I am curious to see how long it lasts but so far so glow. BTW they sell strange skin whitening products in PAK but they haven’t quite made it to Boots.

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