Pucci practice

Pucci’s boldly patterned prints have been consistent since the 1950’s, so whatever anyone says about having to have the latest Pucci prints, they will never go out of fashion.

However, if you see something Pucci-esque down the market or on the high street, think twice about buying it.

Pucci prints are set off by the particular type of wrinkle-free printed silk they are always manufactured in, so simply imitating the print doesn’t do the job. The quality of the original shines forth. It’s borderline tacky as it is so don’t make it worse.

If you want to achieve an extremely rich, father owns an island look, or an inexplicably minted Japanese teenager look, dress your Pucci separate down by wearing something really slouchy with a Pucci skirt, or a grandad tee with Pucci leggings.

Recasting an investment piece as an everyday friend is the best way to showcase it if you don’t want to look shallow.

If you wore it with a form-fitting white vest which enhanced your cleavage, and a tan plus mules, it would be akin to putting all your best china in the window.

Pucci is so girly, it needs toughening up to set it off. In summer wear it with a long sleeved, much loved white or faded t-shirt, and sleeveless cardigan, or a band t-shirt.

For a more extrovert look, you could combine it with another print; some kind of harlequin print or paisley tee would be seriously fashion. Save that for a night out in the art district maybe.

To make it pretty for a special occasion, you could add a floaty, fresh white blouse, that stands off the body to make you look as as if your clothes have room and to narrow the hips smartly.

This will also ensure that you can breath, with the result that all will be well in the world. Bear in mind the short hems=long sleeves rule, demonstrated by Pucci below.

In the evening, bare legs and sky high heels will add all the excitement you need. Take a huge woolly jumper for later. The bulk on top will make your legs and bum look slim in comparison, and again it says, who cares?

During the day, practical shoes such as black brogues paired with these ultimately feminine shorts will render this outfit irresistibly attractive.

In cold weather, Pucci skirts, shorts and dresses are ideal for nailing that black opaque tights long-legged look, below, which due to its immense practicality, is guaranteed to be trendy for many winters to come.

Wear black heels the same tone as your black tights to give the impression your legs go on forever, and a belted jacket or coat.

You have now mastered the insouciant style of folk who know that the best way to showcase an investment piece is casually.

For more Pucci-porn, go here, which is also where the images on this post came from, bar the shorts, which were lifted from The Outnet.

This pic of Pucci in his gloriously colourful studio is from www.lifeinitaly.com

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