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The newest personal stylist on the block  The Wardrobe Consultant, who incidentally is owning facebook right now, directed me towards a competition Selfridge’s are running to promote their newly launched Shoe Galleries.

Nightmarishly, they are opening a huge shoe emporium in September – yet another luxurious consumer experience for us to try to avoid.

The prize for the best shoe story is a years supply of shoes. It would be rude to ignore this noble call to action, so here is the link to my shoe story. You’ll need to search under my name, Lucy Granville.

The stories as a group contain a lot of “when I was a little girl” and tales of going without food in order to spend £400+ on shoes, and the word ‘louboutin’ was mentioned in most of them. Including mine. What is it with us and shoes??!

Many of the authors of the shoe stories are unsurprisingly I suppose, fashion bloggers, which makes me feel rather predictable. Oh well, at least I know next to nothing about fashion. Style’s more my thing.

Follow this link to enter your own shoe story, and write me a comment with the link to your story when you are done so I can showcase it here.

And let me borrow your shoes when you win, please?

Bedroom Stylist's shoe story

Click to enlarge


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