Off to London Fashion Week this weekend, and what to wear?


Camel's are actually brown?


To dress for fashiony event, I always browse outfits in my mind’s eye, placing myself at the scene, to discover which one makes me feel most attitudinal.

Never start trying on as this leads to too much analysis and anxiety can creep in.

At a fashion meet, for some reason I need to feel casual, unfashionable, and a bit tough. It’s only a sartorial mindset; I am not about to nut anyone.

I would never wear the latest trend or try to achieve the ultimate fashion statement. Many others will be trying to achieve that as if their job depends on it – and it quite often does.

At a fashion get together, trying equals vulnerability, and a fashion show or fashion party is no place to feel vulnerable.

It’s a place to have fun.

So to take the intensity out of dressing, I step outside the competition.

I usually find that as a result, I can enjoy the show – both on the catwalk and off – whilst feeling relaxed and confident in my position outside the fray.

Considering all fashion chutzpah boils down to in the end is confidence, this usually ends up being a winning formula.

This year at LFW I am going to let my hair be the fashion element by adding loads of volume and texture, and the rest of me will be really scruffy.

And all in shades of turd brown*. Don’t ask me why, it just feels right. That could all change by the weekend of course.

Add make up, and a (brown) expensive looking bag to give me an edge and to avoid looking like a total tramp, and that’s me done.

*Doubt creeping in. Are shades of turd brown too near to the camel trend?? Will everyone think that I think all my brown shades are near enough to camel to be acceptable, that by ‘camel’, I am under the impression they mean ‘camel-ish’? Because I know they don’t. They mean, precisely, camel. If you are going to buck a trend, do it 100%. Don’t buck it by going a shade either way.

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