Crotch rot, respect, and the importance of breathing

Getting dressed. (Written when this blog was

All I am ever doing, clothes and kit wise, is finessing what I have in order that in every situation in life, the right stuff is available, and I can throw it on/in a bag within seconds and get on with living.

Stuff is there to facilitate life, not to get in the way of it by being crap at its job, falling apart , or going out of fashion.

Clothes should allow you to roll in the grass, be allowed in to the club, to attract the right attention, and to be facilitated on the long meander, nightbus or minicab home.

Clothes communicate your respect at funerals and weddings. Clothes keep you dry, warm, cool, flexible, adaptable, beautiful.

Breathing is pretty important. Not getting crotch rot is important. So its got to be good materials for each task – wool, cotton, jersey. The incredible, uncrinklable, easily washable powers of polyester. The beauty and durability of leather.

But how to look after it all? How to prevent it from being eaten by moths? How to clean that leather once you have worn it a few million times?

When to ignore the label which says: Do Not Wash. What, ever?? Surely not>?

On this blog I am sharing a passion for clothes design, textiles, dressing, expression. And of passing on discoveries on the best of everything to facilitate that most humble and satisfying of pleasures – kitting out to get out.

If you want your clothes to work hard, and you’d like short cuts to get them there, then you will find some resources on here. And some style reads along the way.

It’s not really a fashion blog, then. Oh well. I’ll leave that to the super stylish Susie Bubble and teeny tiny v v cool Tavi and a host of other very talented bloggers.


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