Louboutins for sale!

Sorry Christian Louboutin, but I have never understood what all the fuss is about. But then I’ve never worn a pair.

Celebs and plebs alike go crazy for these now legendary modern classics, and if you have wanted to own a pair, you are lucky enough to be a 39 and you have some spare cash for an opportunity such as this, email me lucy.granville@gmail.com with your best offer.

These are size 39 and from a friend of mine. She has worn them once. Worth £450? or so new.


5 Responses to “Louboutins for sale!”
  1. Francesca says:

    WANT. But unfortunately they are far too delicate for my oafishness. So I shall have to admire from afar.

  2. OMFG! Have you seen how TACKY the Louboutin website is??!! http://www.christianlouboutin.com/#/the_collection


  3. Laura Zerilli says:

    dear god…

    ‘If you could wish for one change in the world what would it be?’
    CL: ‘That everybody could afford my shoes.’


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