Tasty: Selvedge magazine


If you love magazines and periodicals as much as I do, and you are into textiles and makery as much as I am, you may well end up savouring Selvedge.

It’s an extremely knowledgeable read whilst maintaining a grounded flavour and a gentle feel.

One favourite issue, dedicated to wool, listed every different species of sheep in existence in the British Isles, complete with beautiful photographs. Cue many staining eyeballs on the tube.

Grazia just can’t deliver treats on this level.

When I receive my new copy I get a thrill that not even World of Interiors, Penpusher or Nude mag provides. Or even my monthly Linotype.com sales email, which is always beautifully designed and packed with font satisfaction.

Selvedge has a focus on good photography, and a focus on expertise and knowledge in the features.

And increasingly, admirably up-front and creatively marshalled listings and advertiser info. It’s adorable.

More on Selvedge later, but for now have a look at the new haberdashery additions to their Selvdge Drygood store.


I gave Selvedge some excellent PR when I recommended them to Katrina Larkin as a perfect Christmas present for the Independent’s Best 50 Christmas Presents for Women a while back. They even did a feature on the mag as well. Which just goes to show when people come across Selvedge, they inevitably realise they have found something special.


See Selvedge featuring as one of the 50 best Christmas gifts for women in the Independent last year here:


See Selvedge mag here.

One Response to “Tasty: Selvedge magazine”
  1. Hey Lucy, thanks for the coverage of our oilskin bag kit. We have lots of beautifully designed packaging (as fellow font lovers) on our sewing related site. I’m a photographer too: http://fieldafield.com/ and our new company is our baby, half Crolyn and half me with a strong personality of its own. Enjoy!

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