Festival checklist – the UK ‘get real, its raining’ version

Camping shops, department stores, fashion brands, and even supermarkets feature a summer swathe of festival themed products. There is a march of ‘what to wear’ articles in magazines.

Ironic, ‘festival fashion’, when you think about it.

In reality, the list of options is really very limited, mainly to a cagoule and wellies.

If you are planning to go to any festivals this year, you might want to set aside £250 for a self-inflating sleeping matt and a duckdown sleeping bag and liner. Just don’t damage the bafe by rolling it into its compression tube, instead shove it in willy-nilly, and store in a bigger, looser bag when not in use.

You’ll need a head torch, essential for after-dark tent erecting and finding your tent at the end of the night, and a (nice, vintagey leather?) waist bag for easy access to money, camera, and any exciting etcetera’s while you are on the rove.

Add to that a throw-down-and-pop-up tent, wellies (go for one of the many alternatives to PVC), waterproof trousers and an anorak.

Don’t forget to take spare socks and a spare waterproof bag for your muddy boots and wet swimsuit, otherwise the inside of your rucksack will be as mud-covered as the outside.

Buy the best tent and rucksack you can afford and look after them: don’t be one of them that buys cheap kit then leaves the crushed remains for the festival litter pickers to deal with.

Buy a rucksack which can be laid on its back and un-zipped like a suitcase, then you can see all your clothes and stuff at a glance. If it is only top-opening, you will endlessly rooting about for things.

If you are a glasses wearer, consider your options, as you may find you have rain-drop vision for most of the time if you stick with the specs.


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