Festivals: a black hole for cash and a life’s obsession

Running a festival which is screwing you into the ground financially, while you obsess over delivering it with the responsibility of a King of a small but wonderful nation of people’s threated at every turn by evil armies of creditors, local authorities and insane weather conditions is a familar story to many festival organisers.

Risque merchandising trend continues!

When I spotted a bare bosomed mannequin in the window of New Look Brixton, I didn’t for a moment think I’d identified a new trend. But as Diesel unveil their own slightly more modest one-breasted interpretation of the theme, it seems I have. Who else is going to buckle under the pressure of these harsh … Continue reading

So, you don’t want women your own age. Why is that?

Just checking out mysinglefriend.com to revisit the scene having been introduced to it about two years ago when a few of my single friends started to go on it in the hopes of meeting some nice chaps and chapesses. They had a few dates, had a few turkeys and went off the idea. Maybe one day they will return, once they have recovered from the horror of meeting ‘the general public’ that we are usually sheltered from in our more organic, ‘real world’ social networks.

Off to London Fashion Week this weekend, and what to wear?

To dress for a fashion meet, I always browse outfits in my mind’s eye, placing myself at the scene, to discover which one makes me feel most attitudinal. I need to feel casual, unfashionable, and a bit tough. It’s only a sartorial mindset; I am not about to nut anyone. Never start trying on as this leads to too much analysis and anxiety can creep in.