Thank God we live in London so we can look like this

Sometimes an ad campaign can change everything. I have never noticed Oscar de la Renta before – until now. Oscar de la Renta AW2010 combines arresting, ink-pure colours, sassy styling, tweed and statement jewellery with a certain 1980’s/Dynasty trashy glamour, softened by fluid tailoring and all put together in a killer grown-up way that isn’t aging – unlike the penchant for 1950’s that is going on right now, where you see teenagers looking fifty in mid length furs, set hair and plastic gold.

Off to London Fashion Week this weekend, and what to wear?

To dress for a fashion meet, I always browse outfits in my mind’s eye, placing myself at the scene, to discover which one makes me feel most attitudinal. I need to feel casual, unfashionable, and a bit tough. It’s only a sartorial mindset; I am not about to nut anyone. Never start trying on as this leads to too much analysis and anxiety can creep in.