Nova Festival – year one!

Here at Nova, the best age to do a festival appears to be 7-11. Far from hiding in their tents from the interminable rain, these people have divided themselves into similarly-sized tribes, and are running amok, Lord of the Flies style, tying each other up, whacking stuff with sticks, playing with fire and going into trances whilst eating crisps.

Festival checklist – the UK ‘get real, its raining’ version

Ironic, ‘festival fashion’, when you think about it. In reality, the list of options is really very limited, mainly to a cagoule and wellies.

Festivals – trouble ahead?

As I sit here in my little canvas pimple of a tent, hiding from the endless great rains of Summer 2012 at Nova Festival, I have to wonder why. Why do we do it to ourselves?

Go wild, it’s good for you!

Wilderness Festival is a spanking new addition to the festival landscape. Held in Oxfordshire’s Cornbury Estate, the usual population of huge and beautiful trees and hoards of wild deer was added to by 10,000 or so be-masked festival goers for a relaxing weekend of eccentrically commentated cricket, fascinating talks about stuff you didn’t even know you would be interested in but now you are hooked, hauntingly beautiful music and possibly the most gorgeous, lake-based spa scenario outside of Switzerland, but with more naked hippies involved. But not too many.

Festivals: a black hole for cash and a life’s obsession

Running a festival which is screwing you into the ground financially, while you obsess over delivering it with the responsibility of a King of a small but wonderful nation of people’s threated at every turn by evil armies of creditors, local authorities and insane weather conditions is a familar story to many festival organisers.