Do not shop

Do not shop

Only very rarely. And when you do, love it. Go alone. Plan. Spend. Properly, as much as you can afford. Make friends with changing room attendants. Take a camera. Discover independents, off radar, markets, charity, sample sales, untrendy department stores. Treat luxury brand shops like Gucci, Prada, Chanel et al as a cultural outing in the manner of an exhibition or museum. Enjoy it all and the fact that it exists, without needing to own it. Take stuff home, try it with everything. Sit on it for a little while, see if you still love it a week later. And then return it to the shop. There are very few good shops. Be a good capitalist and don’t encourage the shit ones by buying rubbish.

Crotch rot, respect, and the importance of breathing

Stuff is there to facilitate life, not to get in the way of it by being crap at its job, falling apart , or going out of fashion. Clothes should allow you to roll in the grass, be allowed in to the club, to attract the right attention, and to be facilitated on the long meander, nightbus or minicab home.

The Britishness of shame and the benefits of bloggadiction

Professionally I sometimes feel a failure, sometimes a ravishing success. Blogging-wise, I just love to write. I have always loved the magazine format, and having a blog is like having your very own instant magazine to play with.

Style deconstructed

Stylishness can be described as the possessiveness we feel towards attributes we observe in others that we would like to see in ourselves.