Fashion meets the people head on, and the ultimate Christmas present idea for shoe lovers

The fashion industry has a natural inclination to get stuck in, which means the recession brings extra value for fashion lovers. Not all creative practitioners are in such a reciprocal, cyclical and constant conversation with their commentators and customers as fashion is. For many fashion designers, engaging with their markets is a joy not a chore. The future is bright for a part of the creative industries that has always known you must sell to survive and consumers are king.


Autumn interiors wish list

Chair – great fabric. ‘Ciprie’ by Loris Riccio (1920) Poster advertising a 1920’s  face powder. A powder puff girl atop a ginormous powder puff, floating on a lake. What’s not to love about this cute poster? Por la boudoir de femme.   Dalliance, 41 Cross Street, London N1 2BB